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Looking for champagne or sparkling wine from another appellation in the world?

Which of these sparkling mineral water brands do you prefer?

You have two choices of white fruit salad. Which one do you choose?

You are offered 2 additional fruits in the selected fruit salad. Which do you add?

It's sugar day, and I'm overdoing it! What do you add to a slice of sugar tart?

Your sparkling wine? Red, rosé or white?

Does the smell of hydrocarbons bother you (gas station, diesel, etc.)?

Do you sweeten your coffee?

Some markers have a particular chemical smell. Do you like to smell it?

If you had a sweet tooth right now, would you eat?

Of these 3 nauseating smells, which do you tolerate most easily?

A choice of toothpaste aromas for brushing teeth:

Can you bear to bite into a lemon wedge?

Omelette on the menu tonight. We're offering to add 2 ingredients, you choose:

Which pastry do you prefer?

As you set off on your hike, you can only bring one snack. Which would you choose?

Testtoo has selected some champagnes for you. However, Champagne comes in 2 colors. The choice is yours:

Which gourmet aperitif do you prefer?

Today, it's fruit salad for dessert. Which do you prefer?