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Which of these juices would you like to drink now?

Which of these 2 fruit salads do you prefer?

You've been offered 1 additional fruit. Which would you choose?

Do you prefer grapefruit juice or orange juice?

In a vinaigrette, do you prefer the sensation of vinegar or oil?

Do you prefer a lemon sorbet or a pear sorbet?

We prefer butter or oil in hot plain pasta

Of these 2 desserts, which do you prefer?

Which breakfast do you prefer?

Vegetable oil (sunflower, canola, sesame, etc.) or olive oil in your homemade vinaigrette?

Of these 4 types of scent, which do you prefer?

Which of these 3 smells bothers you most?

Does the smell of varnish bother you?

Do you like the smell of new leather in a handbag, pair of gloves, jacket, etc.?

Of these 2 tea flavors, which do you prefer?

Do you eat raw fish as sushi, carpaccio, gravlax or tartare?

Does the smell of a gas station bother you?

You are offered 3 kinds of treats at the cinema. Which would you choose?

You've won one of these 3 trips. Which would you choose?

With an unlimited budget for one entry, you can treat yourself to :